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Group Exercise Schedule February-March 2022 Aquatic Schedule-March 2022 March Sunday Specials

Power Yoga

Studio A

A high energy practice to increase your heart rate, develop strength, & increase balance.  Energizing total body sequences shake up your workout to reset & strengthen your mind, heart, & body.

Aqua Zumba®

Therapy Pool

Blend Zumba® philosophy and music with traditional water exercises and water resistance for one fun pool party!

Kettlebell Cardio Combo

Human Performance Lab

Combine the toughness of the Kettlebell with various exercises for a body changing workout.

Anything Goes Cardio

Studio A

An energetic cardio workout using varied formats to prevent you from getting into a cardio rut (with toning during certain classes).

Power Water

Lap Pool

A fun cardiovascular challenge in the lap pool using a variety of exercises to keep you moving!

Arthritis Water Workout

Therapy Pool

Gentle water aerobics that draws on the warmth of the pool to facilitate basic range of motion and strength exercises.

Foam Roll, Release & Stretch

Studio A

Welcome the end of the week by doing the one thing many of us have difficulty doing regularly alone-stretching!  Learn how to use foam rollers, balls, straps, and other tools to improve flexibility.  Explore a variety of stretching techniques and myofascial release to enhance your athletic adventures.

TRX® Circuits

Studio B

Use the TRX® Suspension Trainer and various other equipment to build core stability, strength, & endurance. *Come a few minutes early to your 1st TRX® class to learn how to adjust the equipment.

EZ Movers

Studio A

A gentle, low-impact workout that increases balance, endurance, and strength. Exercises may be performed standing or seated in a chair.


Studio A

Traditional, moderately-paced meditative practice that focuses on proper breathing, flexibility, strength, & vitality in body while calming the mind. Establish the basics with options for variations to offer a challenge as well.

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